A Professional Home Tutor at Your Service all across India.

Are you looking to excel in your academics but require a one-to-one session from a reliable professional?
Sometimes, all it takes is the right guidance and hence our tutors are very considerate and patient to ensure you’re comfortable to learn at your own pace. Having professionals who have worked alongside with students across various cities over the years, we at Qalpedu, offer an in-depth professional experience and knowledge transfer to those who are keen to expand their mindset, talents, and skills. We offer qualitative education and personalized services at affordable prices
At Qalpedu, we aim to ensure our students excel in terms of Knowledge, Ideology and Performance. We offer to cater the educational requirements of students by bringing awareness of the latest examination patterns and sourcing them the latest study material accordingly.
To achieve our vision, we have taken the responsibility to bring forth the best educators in town on a single platform, our educators whole heartedly put their mind and soul to this initiative by motivating the students and guiding them to progress at every step.
And, for this we have built a team of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty members. We believe a teacher is a “Guru” who can fill the young minds of our generation with wisdom and knowledge that would act like a compass so to ensure their values are intact.For the academic enhancement of the students, we provide them a Stress-free, Friendly and Healthy environment during classes.
We believe in working unitedly as a team alongside our students because “Together we can reach for the Silver Lining”

To cater to our customers to attain their finish line.

Our roadmap starts with our vision that is to be a leading learning platform keeping in mind the preferences of our customers (Students/Tutors) in addition to ensuring a Healthy, Competitive and Learning environment bringing them closer to attaining their academic goals.We continually strive to contribute in making this world a better place and to bring education to each and every home around the country as “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”.

Bringing you one step closer to your goal by providing a platform that would tailor your requirements.

Our mission is to unleash the potential of every student that opts for Qalpedu by offering the optimum educational Facilities and Faculties in order to attain their academic goals.
This platform serves as a two-way road for the student as well as for the Tutor. Hence, we look forward to provide opportunities that would benefit qualified professionals to showcase their knowledge and transfer their wisdom attained over the years.
Inspite of the competitive environment, our qualified tutors focus on providing guidance, motivation, support and above all confidence to overcome the challenges faced.

Our Core Values..

At Qalpedu, we uphold our values close to our heart as we believe these principles are the core to our foundation that will keep us going in the long run!
Transparency: Transparency is the core to building long lasting relationships. Hence, we are transparent in all transactions by being direct and honest with our customers.
Ethics: We are an organization that facilitatesethical business approach at all times. Even during challenging times, we will not associate or be a party to unethical or corrupt dealing practices.
Respect: “Respect at Qalpedu is considered as a footing step for a strong foundation”.We respect the diversity and culture when imparting this platform. We abide to the law by respecting privacy of our customers and regulations of the province.
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